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Founded in 2015, ONEMT has been on the forefront of the game development industry, starting from humble beginnings and evolving into a leading developer of mobile games.

A powerhouse in the Middle-East, and now rapidly expanding into the global market, ONEMT has a diverse portfolio of games to offer and more to come.

The goal at ONEMT has always been to create fun, unique games to help diversify and enrich the global gaming community. With strong teams working tirelessly in development, operations, and customer service, ONEMT is well-positioned to reach their goal and make a lasting impact on mobile gaming for years to come.

  • 2014
  • March
    ONEMT Co., Ltd was established
  • July
    Received an investment from Alibaba Group, who became our main shareholder and strategic partner.
  • 2015
  • September
    First in-house developed game, Revenge of Sultans, was released. It remained steady in the Top 10 on both the iOS and Android App Grossing Charts for the Middle East starting in the 2nd month of operation.
  • 2016
  • January
    Revenge of Sultans took the top spot for gross earnings on both iOS and Android for all primary Middle Eastern markets. It remains the #1 app on the Top Grossing Charts for Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.
  • May
    Revenge of Sultans was recommended on the Google Play homepage as an Editor's Choice in 10 Middle Eastern countries.
  • June
    Revenge of Sultans was featured and recommended on the Appstore banner in 8 Middle Eastern countries and regions, and was selected as a Google Play Ramadan Essential Game in 10 countries.
  • July
    Rise of the Kings was released in the US and European markets.
  • July
    Total users passed the 5 million mark.
  • December
    Revenge of Sultans was ranked #1 by the Appstore for total gross revenue in Saudi Arabia for the year 2016, and #19 in the United States.
  • December
    Revenge of Sultans was rated as one of the 10 Best Games of 2016 in the Middle East by Google Play.
  • Future
أساطير العرب

The game's title literally means Arabian Legends.These are new lands, with new rules. Civilization and prosperity are words from a forgotten age. As the dense green forests fade into endless deserts, war, fire, and death cover the land. The survivors look to you, my lord, to restore hope. There will be peace, or every last one of them will die!


The cooling breezes off the Mediterranean Sea have served as a rare constant as empires have come and gone, and armies, both triumphant and defeated marched home. Now an ancient evil has returned, threatening the land and all who inhabit it. These are dark times, where danger can come from friend or foe alike. You have been chosen to defend your people, secure your land against the darkness, and lead them into a new era of prosperity. Unite your allies and defend your homeland for the glory of your Kingdom!


Experience the adventure and prepare for challenge in Revenge of Sultans; The first and best epic real-time Arabic strategy war game made especially for Arabs to reclaim the ancient glory of their ancestors. You, my king, are called by the people to take on the great challenge to become the next king in the hope of bringing peace and prosperity back to this land.

The Kings

Rise of the Kings is a real time strategy game that puts you in a world crying out for help. Gather strength, fierce allies, and a large army, and unite them under your banner. True heroes are needed to bring order to this land, and unite the people of the kingdom once more, but who among them will rise to become King?

Days of

Days of Empire is a global SLG based on real Turkish history, exquisitely designed with stunning, breathtaking graphics. You take on the role of the Ottoman Emperor's designated successor, with control of over 50 legendary heroes, as you form powerful alliances and lead your armies to expand your borders, plunder resources, crush dissent, and propel your empire to greatness and glory!


Sultan Forces is a lovingly crafted multi-civilization war based strategy game from ONEMT. With scenes from Middle Eastern cultures displayed in high quality, gameplay that exceeds expectations, and a wealth of legend based content, Sultan Forces is waiting for you!

War Eternal

When we created War Eternal, we decided to do things different. One of our core guidelines was to raise the stakes – make it more fun and exciting, while also lowering the risks. Instead of punishing risk-taking with heavy losses, we geared the mechanics towards encouraging it. It’s all about the players, and what we think they’d enjoy: fun with good friends, competition, fierce rivalries and joyful teamwork. This is what guides us, and we hope you’ll be there to join us, in War Eternal.


Hayya is an interest-based social APP among youngsters around the world.

In Hayya, you can easily find fantastic game contents, enjoy hot discussion, meet friends with same hobbies, and share every significant moment of your life. Hayya leads all passionate youngsters to a bigger and better world!

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